The intensive cabbage bed

The intensive cabbage bed

Peter Norris
June 12, 2015

The bed here was harvested the last potatoes today, and is now renamed "the small intensive cabbage bed" Over the next few months it will be shown how intensive it can be at 1 × 1.2m.

From the left there are first 4 cauliflowers of the very versatile black Avalanche, which can be planted as close as 25 × 25 cm and still give nice heads. I once planted 25 pieces on a similar bed, and it went quite well - we just could not manage to eat 25 cauliflower in 14 days.

Then comes 3 red cabbages, which usually have to stand with 60 cm in between in row culture, but are put here somewhat closer in the raised bed.

Then 2 mini white cabbage (Minicole) are stuffed into the space between the red cabbage and 3 pieces of savoy of the variety Vorbote. The latter is extremely fast developed (about 2 months from now), and is hopefully harvested before it suffocates the minicol (of which there are also 2 longest th). complete.

At the end of June, additional cabbage will be sown for another bed, where a little extra will also be sown to plant after those that may have already been harvested in the bed here. And THEN it's going to be fun to see how many heads there are in total.