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The story

The perfect kitchen garden in a tent

It seems so simple that one would think that someone had invented it a long time ago. But the drive tent from GrowCamp was actually a world first when it was exhibited in England in 2009. The funny thing is that the idea has literally grown out of my own garden. The kids had grown up, I got better time from work, so now it had to be; I wanted to grow my own vegetables, as I did when I was a child. I had sown the whole garden, but then the fight against worms and insects began. Of course, I wanted to grow without the use of poison, so there was a lot of work and little yield.

Something had to be done

My frustration is shared with most others who want to cultivate themselves, and I felt like doing something about it. I was lucky to have usable materials at hand, a good potion of stubbornness and a well-developed imagination. So with four plastic planks I formed the desired raised bed, got welded a cage, which I covered with homemade insect net, provided with conveniently placed velcro closures, so it was easy to get to the vegetables. We decided to cover the raised bed with a "" roller blind "" of plastic so that it can act as a greenhouse early and late in the season. And then it could otherwise probably be, vegetables and herbs yielded.

Not advanced, but effective

There are benefits to all elements: The raised bed provides better yields because the soil heats up faster and stays loose because you do not step on it. The net not only keeps insects and other pests out, but also gives the vegetables light shade and slows down the wind, while 90% of the rainwater penetrates. The protected conditions make the vegetables crispier. The plastic cover provides a greenhouse effect, so that the growing season is extended. It's not track advanced, but it's effective!

Two prestigious awards in England

Through three years of testing, we "" forced "" friends and acquaintances, who have never so much as looked at a seed bag, to try the drift tent. They got excited because it did not require prior knowledge and because they could see results immediately. In the summer of 2008, the drive tent was fully developed and put into production. We have deliberately designed everything so that it can just be clicked together. It's easy to go to - even for us who do not have a well-developed do-it-yourself gene here. In the fall of 2009, we won two awards at the Glee Garden Exhibition in England for best invention. Since then, it has gone strong, and the drift tent is sold in most European countries and the United States.

New products

There are constantly new products on the field:

2014 - GrowWater waters your plants!

After a fantastically hot and long summer in 2014, there was a great demand for automatic irrigation. It became the GrowWater self-irrigation system, which we patented. The irrigation system has a very large water tank, which makes it possible to leave the plants to themselves for 1-2 weeks during the hottest period. Thus, an important obstacle in relation to vegetable growing was removed from the road. All types of GrowCamp beds and planters can be equipped with GrowWater.

2015 - GrowTunnel - for self-suppliers

In 2015, we developed a TUNNEL for raised beds. The superstructure - THE TUNNEL is constructed with steel pipes, which provide a solid frame for the canopy. It can be covered with insect nets, but also with window foil and bird nets. GrowTunnel is especially suitable for growing cabbage, potatoes, carrots, strawberries and all other crops that require protection from pests or birds. The cover on the tunnel is in a long distance - either 240 or 360 cm. Of course, all other types of vegetables can also be grown, but for crops that often need to be inspected and harvested - e.g. salad and herbs, many prefer the "" real "" GrowCamp, where each 120 cm section can be opened. The height in tunnel beds is 115 cm, whereas it is only 100 cm in a GrowCamp.

2016 GrowCamp - now also in Siberian larch

For those who do not think PVC belongs in a garden, we now offer that the raised bed itself is in environmentally certified Siberian larch.

2017 LED growth light and various articles for germination

To prolong the growing season, you can pre-cultivate the plants indoors. This is obvious to do if you have GrowCamps. It is possible to move the plants from the protected environment indoors to the outdoor life in a GrowCamp very early in the year. The cover on the GrowCamp withstands a bit of night frost - and that is crucial in the spring. LED growth lights require very little power - in fact, you can illuminate an area of 120 x 50 cm for less than DKK 20 per month. The artificial light makes the plants compact and powerful. In a light window sill, you often find that the plants become rickety and weak. GrowCamp's heating mat makes it possible to use relatively cold rooms for germination. Many people benefit from it. In addition to LED lights and heating mats, GrowCamp offers a wide range of pots, sprout trays, plug boxes and root trainers etc.

Urban gardening

Growing vegetables and herbs on balconies and terraces is gaining ground everywhere in these years. Therefore, GrowCamp's program has been expanded along the way with small wall beds, planters and other smaller beds, which can be placed on rooftops, in courtyards, on balconies and terraces.

Written by: Dorthe Leitner Rasmussen, March 2018