GrowCamp 30 cm frame

GrowCamp with 30 cm frame
- covered raised bed!

GrowCamp with 30 cm frame available in modules of 120 cm in length and 120 cm in width.


    The end gables are in plastic and the sides are supplied with insect. It includes a plastic cover, which is mounted outside the net with velcro. It is possible to open a little or a lot - the top or the bottom, so the best possible ventilation can easily be achieved. 


    You can choose between 30 cm PVC planks or 30 cm Siberian larch (2 planks of 15 cm each) for the raised bed.


    GrowCamp with 30 cm frame can be equipped with GrowWater self-watering. Then you can go on holidays without having to worry about watering your plants. See more here!