GrowCamp HI 30 cm frame

Get perfect tomatoes with a GrowCamp tomatbed

Delicious, crunchy tomatoes - firm flesh and with lots of flavor of sun and summer.

That's one of the things most gardneres dreams of. But it can be difficult in some climates. The growing season is so short that the tomatoes do not have time to get all the heat and sun to developed their taste. 


    So we must cheat and extend our gardningseason, which our special designed GrowCamp can help with! It is created so it takes the tomato plants special requirement into account, so you are sure that you give your tomato plants the best growing conditions.

    The bed can also be equipped with self-watering, which is helpful as the tomato plants quickly dry out and hang their heads, which means that the tomato growth stalls when without water. But with GrowWater self-watering system you can go on holiday without the plants suffering. Read more here! 

    Although the raised bed is specially designed for tomatoes, it can of course be used for much else, for example cucumber, chillies, eggplant, basil and other herbs, lettuce and so on. The reason for this is that the raised bed with the plastic cover can act as a greenhouse.

    The GrowCamp tomatobed is available in 240 cm - 360 cm - 480 cm in length.


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