Mini Greenhouse •  Wall Greenhouses

Raised beds with plastic cover - also called MINI-greenhouses and WALL-greenhouses are some of our most effective and popular products. It is certainly not without reason. A GrowCamp with cover gives you the all the benefits of a regular raised bed - and all benefits from a covered one. Your GrowCamp becomes a greenhouse including a raised bed!


    The cover consists of an insect net and a plastic cover. This way you can use your GrowCamp raised bed as a GREENHOUSE during the cold periods - and remove the plastic cover when the weather allows it.

    There are many benefits, e.g.

    • Your plants will not be burned by the sun because the cover protects

    • Your plants are protected from insects, pests, birds and other animals

    • The insect net is so fine-meshed that it shields your plants from strong winds and heavy rain - thereby protecting your plants

    • The plastic cover can easily be taken off and on, and helps extending he garden season, both so you can start early in the spring, but also so you can grow further into autumn

    You can choose from the following models, which are available with a frame in PVC or Siberian larch wood. All beds can be equipped with the self-watering system GrowWater: Read more here!

    Kick start a greener lifestyle - with GrowCamp you get started easily and safe.