Plant Tray

One of the challenges when working with small plants is overwatering. Many plant die from overwatering rather than too little water. 
But you can avoid this with the smart plant trays from GrowCamp. The plant trays are available in two sizes, and can be placed directly on a window sill or patio - or mounted on the wall in the greenhouse og in your GrowCamp.


    Plants will suck up the water

    At the bottom of the plant trays a number of grooves have been made. This is watering grooves, and they are used to store the water, so the roots never drown.
    Only grooves and never the entire tray must be filled with water - but only when the plants reach a certain size.

    Try one GrowCamp watering mat

    To get the maximum benefit out of the plant trays, we recommend that you also use one of our special watering mats. It is made of Fibertex. You put it at the bottom of the plant tray, wherein it suck the water up from the grooves when needed. It function as a wick that continuously supplies the plants with the water they need - and no more.

    GrowCamp watering mat is carefully chosen for this purpose. It is made of new, clean synthetic materials, and it is resistant against rot. The irrigation mats, which are made from recycled materials often contain color residues and other chemicals that can risk going into the plants through the water. Therefore, we have chosen to make use of the synthetic fibertex.

    Using GrowCamp watering mat

    Once the seeds should germinate and when the plants are quite small, do not pour water in plant trays. Instead, use a nebulizer.

    As soon as the plants get sensible roots, the tray can be filled with water, so you never waters directly in individual pots. 
    Let occasionally the mat dry completely - As long as it is only for a short while, the plants are not harmed by it, but they get in return the possibility of withdrawing additional oxygen down to the roots.

    The water trays can also be used for larger plants.