Top sections




    GrowCamp-topsection can be fitted on:

    All GrowCamp raised beds - PVC or Larch wood with the following:
    Width: 62 or 120 cm
    Length: 120, 240, 360 or 480 cm.

    TUNNEL topsection can be mounted on:

    GrowCamp raised beds - PVC or larch wood, which is 120 cm wide and either 240 or 360 cm in length.
    Homemade/own raised beds of the same dimensions
    3 pallet collars of 80 x 120 cm made up to 120 x 240 cm.


    The GrowCamp- and tunnel-rails topsection is provided with Velcro, which is mounted on the raised bed. Velcro keeps the cover firmly on the bed, so slugs and anything else that can harm harvest is shut out. The cover is easy to open when the vegetables must be cultivated or harvested.

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