Raised bed

Get the fresh vegetables within reach

Herbs, salad, chili, bush tomatoes and more - with a terrace / altanbed from GrowCamp there is always fresh vegetables!


    GrowCamp as terrace / altanbed is an ideal raised bed for those who want to have fresh vegetables on the balcony or terrace. The raised bed works like any other raised beds with cover from GrowCamp. It can stand against the wall or freely and for example be used as a room divider on the terrace. 

    The back and end walls are in plastic. On the front there is a net which is fixed at the top. The are velcro on the sides and bottom, so you can easily open and pick the vegetables.

    The plastic cover can help you extend the season as you can use your GrowCamp as a greenhouse. 

    The raised bed, which is available with a frame of PVC or larch wood, can be equipped with: 

    The low bed is ideal for those who wants to grow your vegetables at a manageable level or as kids garden.