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GrowCamp vægbed - your own green area on the terrace

Where space sparse or do you want to grow your own herbs, tomatoes and chili on the terrace, so you can just pick loose when you eat out there so is a vægbed from GrowCamp a very good solution.

The bed consists of a raised bed of 30 cm, which can be:

- Fully filled with soil (190 liters)
- Be provided with self-irrigation system of soil about 15 cm (85 liters)
- Fitted with soil tray to 80 liters of soil.



    This means that even if the bed is not large clean square-wise, so you can utilize it in a multitude of ways.

    First of all you can, because vægbeddet is covered, cultivate all the normal types of greenhouse plants as, for example cucumber, chili, grape, eggplant and tomato.

    But in addition, you can obviously also cultivate such. herbs and lettuce.

    Vægbedet available with frame made of PVC or wood.

    You can also choose to decorate the bed with plant trays under watering on one side. Here you can then forspire plants or garden herbs and flowers in pots.

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    How a vægbed from GrowCamp:

    Beddet is equipped with plastic on all four sides. It provides a snug and protected growing environment. On the front is mesh, which provides protection against insects, animals and other unwanted. At the same time shielded from excessive sun and heavy rain.

    The plastic film on the front side are attached with Velcro and can be opened up, down or completely removed so that the correct temperature can be easily achieved. This means that you can protect your plants if the weather is cold or otherwise hard against the plants while you can let them enjoy the sun and the breeze when the weather permits.

    The plastic film on the back of beddet prevents the plants come into contact with walls or woodwork. Therefore beddet so suitable for example. a terrace or a balcony. But beddet do not otherwise support against a wall in full height. A wooden pole in each hand is enough to maintain beddet back to where it is provided with mounting brackets.