Roottrainere distance themselves from others by its unique design


The first root grows downward until it reaches the drain hole in the bottom of roottraineren. Here it comes in contact with the air and dries out. Then it sets lots of side roots, and creates a healthy root system, which easily spreads when the plant is planted. Other pots are not lifted from the ground, which the roottrainer-pots is, which keeps the roots from drying out. 

The roots will not be damaged when the plant is taken out because the pot simply opened at the middle. The plant will not be pushed or pulled out, but lifted off gently. 


Three kinds of bets

  • COMPACT: height 8 cm and 4 x 4 cm in top
  • SLIM: height 10 cm and 3 x 3 cm in top
  • DEEP: height 12 cm and 4 x 4 cm in top
Holders in two sizes
  • 24 x 20 cm
  • 36 x 21 cm inclusive lid.