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With a covered GrowCamp raised bed, everyone can experience the joy of homegrown vegetables. GrowCamp protects the plants from wind, weather and pests. Therefore it provides you with a longer garden season and a greater yield.

Do you also want more out of your garden? Take a look around our garden universe, where some of Denmark's best gardeners share their advice. Hopefully you can find some inspiration to your garden.

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Garden universe
  1. Renovation of kitchen garden

    Renovation of kitchen garden

    4-5 years ago, I decided on a total remodel of my kitchen garden. Over the years, it had developed into something of a maze with 30-40 raised beds in different sizes and in the cheapest larch wood I could find - the durability was then, and...

  2. Garden calender off Peter Norris 2020

    Garden calender off Peter Norris 2020

    Den Lille Havekalender for Selvforsynere  22. februar 2020 af Peter Norris  About 4-5 years ago, my garden calendar was posted on the website of Praktisk Økologi og Haveselskabet - and it has gradually...