LED / Heating mat

Germination indoor gives many advantages.

When you sow in the dark months, you need to add some light (16 hours per day). Otherwise, you'll get weak and spindly plants. But heat is also important! Once the seeds should germinate this happens best at about 25 degrees. The exception is lettuce seeds, which do not germinate properly at temperatures above 18-20 degrees.
Once the seeds have germinated, you must turn down the heat. However, not on plants like chili peppers, some herbs types and some summer flowers. Temperature should preferably down to 18 degrees.

Most people do not have the ability to absorb several rooms in the house to the pre-germination with different temperatures. Therefore, an electric heat matt can help. It raises the temperature 5-10 degrees in the pots, but not in the entire room.

GrowCamp offers a set of LED luminaires that can be raised as the plants grow. The sets fit the GrowCamp plant trays. When spring comes, the plant trays can be moved directly into the GrowCamp or in the greenhouse. 

»See VIDEO of germination here!