Rasied bed with GrowWater

GrowWater waters your plants

It's such a shame having worked hard throughout the spring to reap lots of delicious vegetables over the summer and then get destroyed outcome, because the plants do not get enough water. But now you can safely relax - and even go on a holiday without having to worry about how your plants need to survive. The GrowWater system can hold water for at least 1-2 weeks in the hottest time!

The raised bed is 30 cm high. The top half is filed with soil, where the GrowWater system is in the bottom with soil above.

GrowWater is supplied as standard with no bottom. This means that watering bag is located directly on the substrate, for example tiles or decking. If the ground is soil, uneven, with stones or other sharp edges, we recommend that you buy a bottom. Find one here!

The GrowWater system is available for ALL sizes of GrowCamp raised beds. See the sizes here!