Tunnel tent parts

Insect - bird netting - plastic cover
- select as needed!

On a tunnel topsection you can mount three kinds of covers: Insect, bird netting or plastic cover.


    For the gables there is always an insectnet with. On top of the insect net on the gables, you can add a plastic cover and mount on as well. With the plastic cover, you are able to use it as a greenhouse, which is easy to open and close depending on the weather. The insect net on the sides protects against the unwanted animals.

    The bird net is with large masks so the bees can enter and pollinate the strawberries.

    If you have several raised beds, it can be a good idea to move the topsection around, depending on the need.

    With the plastic cover, you can use your GrowCamp as a greenhouse and extend the season. But we recommend that you remove the plastic cover during the winter to protect it.