Large Raised bed

Raised beds in the garden provides many new opportunities

Most people probably associate a GrowCamp with our raised beds with cover, but actually you can also get GrowCamp as commonly raised bed without cover. We call it GrowFrame. You can grow without cover. However you can also choose to order our topsection that can be fitted with insect net, bird netting or plastic wrap. The topsection is easy to move from one raised bed to another. 


Choose the perfect raised bed for your garden

GrowCamp raised beds are available in 120 cm width of the lengths from 120 to 240 - 360 and 480 cm.


  • 15 cm high - 1 plank in Siberian larch
  • 30 cm high - 2 planks of Siberian larch
  • 30 cm high - PVC plastic plank
  • 45 cm high - 3 planks of Siberian larch
  • 50 cm high - PVC plastic plank
  • 60 cm high - 4 planks of Siberian larch