- it takes care of your plants when you are on holiday


The most important prerequisite for vegetables and flowers to thrive is WATER!

And what do you do when you go on holiday in the hottest time, when the plants require the most water? We have the solution for you!

Automatic watering

GrowCamp's beds, which have a width of 120 cm, can be equipped with the new irrigation system GrowWater, which ensures the tomato harvest, well-developed vegetables and the continuous flowering of summer flowers over the summer - even if you go on holiday.
The water tank holds enough water for at least one or two weeks in the warmest month. If one is away for a long time, it is easy to persuade the neighbor to irrigate if the reward can be access to home-grown delicacies!

The lower 15 cm of the raised bed is used as a water tank. The overlying soil is connected to the water via perforated pipes, which are also filled with soil. The soil in the perforated pipes acts as wicks that suck up water. In this way, the water is automatically distributed around the whole earth.

Adjustable water level

The irrigation system is equipped with a patented device, which makes it possible to lower the water level to prevent the plants from getting too wet during cool growth periods or in the establishment phase, where the root system is not yet fully developed.








Quality product

With the GrowWater irrigation system, you get a quality product that can be used year after year. All parts are made of durable materials that can be disassembled and washed.

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