GrowWater system

The plants thrive with GrowWater


There is always water available - and in the right amount.

In the off-seasons, the water level can be reduced via an

adjustment device so that the soil does not become too

moist! Plants thrive if they get too much water.


Lots of fertilizer is needed when you want many and

magnificent crops or flowers! And by dosing liquid fertilizer

correctly the few times that need to be watered in a season,

you achieve optimal well-being.


Plants does not thrives if there is not enough soil for the

roots to develop. In the GrowCamp soil container,

there can be 15 cm of soil above the water container.

This makes the plants vigorous and produces lots of

fruits or flowers. Incidentally, the soil does not need

to be changed every single year.


In a GrowCamp with a cover, it is easy to ventilate.

The plastic cover is fitted with velcro and can therefore

be opened arbitrarily. When it is very hot, it can be

completely dismantled. Then you can safely go on a weekend or holiday.