Spire trays and pots

Extend the gardening season and get bigger harvest

From January, most gardeners find it hard to sit still, as the germination season is about to beging. 

The advantage of germination is that you extend the gardening season. Especially for the plants that needs a long growing season, as they can get a head start indoors while it is still too cold for them outside. When you have a GrowCamp you get even more out of germination because you always have new plants ready for planting as soon as there is room in your GrowCamp.

Using GrowCamp germination trays and pots

GrowCamp pots and germinating trays fit perfectly in our large and small plant trays, so you can germinate without making a terrible mess. There is room for 10 germination trays in the large plant tray and 4 in the small plant tray. It is also possible to buy plastic cover to the germination trays, so the heat demanding plants, such as chili, can get the best germination and growing conditions.

With GrowCamp germination trays, you get an overview, good growth conditions - and a window that is not filled with soil.