Repotting cabbage in November

Repotting cabbage in November

If you have small plants of, for example, cabbage left to overwinter in pots in the greenhouse until they can be planted sometime in March, it is a good idea to check how the roots are doing in the pots.

The slightly warmer (without even being sunny) weather in November has been quite favorable for root development, and especially for my broccoli, the roots have reached the bottom of the pot and are starting to run around in a roundabout. Thus, when the roots can not reach further down, the plant is tricked into thinking that the vegetative growth is now over and that it is now time to send a flower into the air.

Early senility is called that, and it is not a condition one should desire for anyone or anything. A few years ago, I was not sufficiently aware of the risk, which is why my small 10 cm tall broccoli plants suddenly started forming pea-sized flower heads in March. Shortly afterwards, the spit bowls began to form in the same way.

Therefore, I have added it as a fixed point on the todo list (so I do not forget it) that the cabbages in November should be potted to some a little deeper with better room for the roots.

Written by Peter Norris, on 26.11.2017