Multi-sown radishes

Multi-sown radishes

It is always fun to do different kinds of experiments with cultivation in the kitchen garden. However, if you want to work really scientifically with your experiment, one of the most important things is to remember that you have made an experiment at all. Sometimes it can be tricky with that kind of little thing.

Thus here: I had seen Charles Dowding mention in passing in a video that one could also multiså radishes. It had to be tried, so 4 seeds per cell were sown in a plug box, and later the cells were transplanted (between a few rows of peas) at about 10 cm intervals. Since then, the radishes have probably been fine in the hidden down between the peas, while I have not given them very much thought. Until today, when I suddenly got the idea to look at them.

As you can see, it works just fine, as the radishes in the lump have simply pushed each other to get the necessary space - in the same way as when, for example, multi-wound beets. They have admittedly become some big elongated ones, which on the one hand is not so strange as I had forgotten them - but on the other hand it is still a bit strange, as it was a round variety I had sown ……… .

And what can you use the test result for? It may be a bit cumbersome to use the method in general, but for the earliest radishes in the spring, it must be obvious to sow indoors and then later plant in a greenhouse or manure bench - here you must be able to win a few weeks compared to sowing directly in the semi-cold soil.

Written by Peter Norris, May 26, 2018