Potatoes in sheep's wool

Potatoes in sheep's wool

Sorry for the not so decorative image, but this is the potato variety Alouette.

It is grown for the first time this year as a replacement for Raja, as it should be quite mold-resistant and is expected to be harvested in late August.

They were laid on April 18 and have been watered continuously here in the drought - and now the plants look like in the picture, while my Ditta and Allianz are still nicely green.

I can not imagine that there has been potato mold in them, and it may be impossible because they have been put in sheep's wool (!?).

However, the tubers below have a nice normal size, so my currently unqualified guess is that the plants are quite simply finished due to a forced development the last 2 unusually hot and dry months.

Written by Peter Norris on July 4, 2018