The last salad of the season

The last salad of the season

The last salads of the season survived the first night frost of autumn, well helped by a few layers of non-woven fabric.

If the weather behaves fairly normally (and I remember the non-woven fabric again if need be), the mist plants' 23 plants should like to finish by giving a little salad on the Christmas table.

From now on, the length of the day is so short that the growth is minimal, so there is no need to water.

The leaves should preferably be kept dry to prevent rot, which is why the windows should be laid over to protect against rain, but at the same time be slightly open to provide ventilation.

The variety is Winter Gem, which I have the best experience of sowing in August in order to have to keep for Christmas.

Written by Peter Norris, October 30, 2018