Stand for the very tall peas

Peter Norris

May 20, 2016

Today, the stand for the tall peas is in place, and I'm really happy every time I finally took the time to make something proper, instead of every year biting something wobbly together from a couple of bamboo sticks and a leftover chicken net. - after which you could go there and partly think it was quite ugly, and partly worry that a storm could come and overturn it all (including peas).

Here, on the other hand, half larch terrace boards, a reasonably rigid net, corner brackets and 6 mm round iron have been used to anchor it all 60 cm into the ground. That stand moves nowhere regardless of wind speed. And in the winter, it is stored dry hanging inside the covered chicken coop.

The peas are Grams High Pea, which has become the preferred high in recent years. Sweet, tasty, can be harvested over a long period of time and can stand for a relatively long time without being floured. At the same time, the variety is reasonably resistant to wilt, which I have otherwise struggled with in most other pea varieties. The yield is also somewhat higher than the common garden varieties, as the 2 double pulls in the bed of one square meter usually give a 4-5 kilos. Only minor minus is that they do not have so many catch wires that they are always able to hold on to the stand when they reach a height of 2 meters and the wind blows, so they sometimes have to be helped with a string around.

The area under or between the pea racks I constantly try to utilize for something sensible. A zucchini plant last year gave 1 zucchini, and then it did not last longer - so this year we try beetroot which germinated in early April and planted a month later. They also have time for themselves and do not need to be harvested until late autumn.