Rod beans are harvested

Rod beans are harvested

Today, bar beans could be harvested just 58 days (if I have spoken correctly) after the seeds were sown in root trainers.

The variety is Fasold, which is more than suitable as a 2nd crop.

This time they were sown 8.7. and transplanted after the old strawberries about 14 days later.

Strictly speaking, I could probably have waited another week to put them in the ground, but the strawberries were more than finished due to the drought this year. Conversely, the rather atypical summer has not forced the development of the beans significantly - according to the journal notes, Fasold was just as fast in 2016 ??

At the same time as picking, I took a stool and nipped the top shoots - they were soon higher than practical, and such a limitation of the plants' length growth forces them to put new flowers further down.

Written by Peter Norris, September 4, 2018