Great places to buy seeds

Great places to buy seeds

It does not take many days past New Year's Eve before it gradually begins to tingle in most green fingers. For it may well be that there are still a few more months before we can really get into the garden, but it is NOW that we can really start ordering seeds home for the coming season.

And it's not a moment too soon. Already now you can start to germinate chili and before long awaits both tomatoes, herbs and all the other delicious things that can give one a jump start in the garden.

Peter Norris knows everything about both seed purchasing and germination. He is known as a very experienced gardener, and is totally self-sufficient in greenery from the garden. See more about how he does in his calendar for self-sufficiency.

Here you get Peter Norris' own list of places on the web where you can buy good, exciting, fun, new and old-fashioned seeds.

Explore the many seed shops and enjoy a small taste of the garden season ahead!


English garden webshops:

Mr Fothergill.
Plants of Distinction.
D.T. Brown.

Swedish garden webshops:

Lindbloms Frö.    http://ww/
Runåbergs Fröer.

Danish garden webshops:


German garden webshops: