Mini-white cabbage as 2nd crop

Mini-white cabbage as 2nd crop

When you want to grow different main cabbages as a 2nd crop by planting sometime in June / July, it requires varieties that are fairly quickly developed. At the same time, they should preferably not, as fully developed, suddenly give in to bursting with sheer excitement in a humid autumn - as, for example, spit bowl often does.

Here, on the other hand, the mini cabbage Minicole has proven to be almost ideal. It has been planted sometime in July fairly densely (about 30 × 30 - 13 in total) here in the manure bank, has had harvest-ready heads for at least a month, and has not yet shown signs of cracking.

We're starting to harvest them now, but will leave a few to see how long they can stay in good shape. The heads are the size of a handball, which is perfect for a small household where an ordinary white cabbage head would dominate the meal plan for days.

As can be seen, a butterfly or two has sneaked under the bayonet, which, however, has only gone beyond the outer leaves - the head itself is so compact that no one penetrates.

Written by Peter Norris