The salad is replaced by the early tomatoes

The salad is replaced by the early tomatoes

Peter Norris

May 5, 2016

When you only have a small kitchen garden, you must try to utilize the limited space as efficiently as possible. The bed with the earliest salads (sown in late January) has been planned so that the fast-developing ones were put in the outer rows and could be harvested first to make room for the earliest tomatoes - while in the middle row there is a slightly slower variety which could take longer. to develop before they were covered by the tomato plants. In theory, then.

In March, the various salads were planted according to plan here in the fog bench, but the development has not gone quite as quickly as planned due to the cold April weather. The tomatoes, on the other hand, have mostly been indoors and therefore grown as usual - where they have just waited for a reasonable soil temperature so they could be planted. For a couple of weeks we have been standing and tripping and measuring soil temperature, all the while the tomatoes have also been standing with fruits that just grew.

That is why today the barely developed salads have been harvested in the 4 corners to make room for the 4 Bloody Butcher. After this, everyone can develop quietly further inside the manure bench until the salads are eaten and the tomatoes cover it all.