Lettuce, tomatoes and frost

Lettuce, tomatoes and frost

Eventually, one can obviously neither rely on banks nor on weather forecasts.

Both DMI and Yr had "promised" that the local night temperature would not fall below 3-4 °, after which you get up at 06 to -1.7 ° at a height of 2 meters.

I had not protected the lettuce plants in the manure bank, so of course they were frozen frozen.

Normally, relatively mature lettuce heads are not able to handle quite a lot of frost (I am not quite aware of where the border goes), but I tried a rescue method, which often tends to work on eg potato tops, which get night frost in the spring: a jug of cold water from the water barrel.

In any case, a few hours later it can be stated that the salads have apparently not been damaged.

The last free-range tomatoes, on the other hand, were beyond any rescue operation. Unfortunately, the leaves were deeply damaged.

On the other hand, I have never researched what the fruits themselves can handle. There are some left that have started to change color little by little - they must now be picked and spread on a table, and then it will become clear how many end up being usable in one way or another.

Written by Peter Norris, November 4, 2018