Bad planning - or the weather?

Bad planning - or the weather?

Here is a clear example of a lack of overview and really poor planning - or it's just the weather's fault.

In this bed I planted both mizuna and spinach in the fall. Because it should be according to Haveplan 2017. And it has gone quite well here in the tunnel bed, where there has been plastic over since the coming of winter. The plants were a little behind the greenhouse's mizuna and spinach, but a week ago the beetle began to explode in an orgy of greenery.

Unfortunately, at the time in the autumn I had just forgotten to consult Haveplan 2018, because here I could have read that potatoes must now be placed in the same tunnel bed - and the potatoes can not just wait until we have finished eating our way through all that mizuna.

Had the weather not been so unchristianly cold in March, it is possible that the bed could have been fairly finished now, but for safety's sake, the mizuna should instead be planted in next year's early corn bed (see Haveplan 2019) - because I will probably never to plant corn in April.

Either way, my green planning fad has done little good anyway. Guests have brought home a couple of mizuna plants, and at the same time our new hens were extremely happy - they have never seen so much green at once in their young lives!

Written by Peter Norris, April 18, 2018