Autumn-sown peas

Autumn-sown peas

This time, something new needs to be tried to get the early peas.

Usually sown directly in the manure bank in November, where the seeds can be quite long to germinate, but if successful, there are fresh peas to harvest from early June.

The last few years, however, it has not succeeded so tremendously well. The germination rate has not been impressive, i.a. possibly because the germination time due to the weather has been too long so the seeds have rotted instead. And if they have finally sprouted, the very young sprouts (or also the seeds) have been delicious bites for winter-hungry mice.

Therefore, sowing this year must take place under more controlled and protected conditions: it was sown in the greenhouse in root trainers, and the plastic lid is put over so that any mice can not get to.

Once the small plants have reached a certain size (about 10 cm) with a sensible root system, they can then, depending on the weather, be planted out in the manure bank in February / March.

Such small pea plants can easily cope with frost a little protected with non-woven fabric, whereas larger plants are easier to grow if they are hit by too many degrees below zero in the early spring.

Written by Peter Norris, November 18, 2018