Articles and tips

  1. 85 kg of tomatoes

    85 kg of tomatoes

    Lovely homemade tomatoes grown on 120 x 120 cm! With GrowCamp's tomato bed, it is possible to harvest 85 kg of tomatoes in just 120 x 120 cm. The height of the bed is 180 cm incl. the container for soil and water, which is 30 cm. The bed...

  2. Now it must germinate

    Now it must germinate

    Now is the time for germination. and GrowCamp has a carefully selected program for the purpose: What is germination Germination is when seeds are sown in small pots or trays, where they germinate and grow to a suitable size. Then they...

  3. Sowing and harvesting times

    Sowing and harvesting times

    When You can then earlier in a GrowCamp than you are used to. When the tent is covered with plastic, light night frost is kept out and the plants are not damaged. Often it will be possible to start already in February. The sun's...