Take advantage of the garden joys

Take advantage of the garden joys

We are writing soon the month of March, and that means that it has really started to itch in the many green fingers across the country. For spring means that we can get back in the garden. Like that then.

Because it is still not much, you can sow in your garden already in March. It's still too cold for most plants.

- At this time of year, it is unfortunately quite limited what one can do outside. You can put potatoes and maybe a little parsley and spinach in the greenhouse or in a covered raised bed, but most things have to wait until it gets a little warmer, says Dorthe Rasmussen, owner of GrowCamp and an avid garden enthusiast.

Her company, GrowCamp, is capable of delivering raised beds with a canopy, which in itself can extend the garden season significantly, as the plants are extra protected under the canopy. But lately, she has also started experimenting with germination in earnest.

- If you are a real garden nerd, then germination means that you can start gardening already in January. And even though it may not be quite the same as walking around outside and digging in the garden, it can still take the worst abstinences, says Dorthe, who has set up her entire basement as a germination laboratory.

The whole idea of ​​pre-germination is to give the small sprouts a slight head start. Inside, you can better give plants and seeds the warmth and light they need, but which they can not yet get outdoors.

You can easily germinate in a window sill at home - in small pots made of newsprint, or whatever you can find. But you can also seriously embark on the germination, and Dorthe has done that.

This has meant that she has now launched an extensive germination series, where you can buy everything from LED lights with table stands over heating mats to special flower pots, plant trays and much more. At the same time, she has teamed up with a number of experienced gardeners, with whom she exchanges experiences and knowledge. It has become a larger germination and garden universe, which can now be found on the website GrowCamp.dk.

- When it comes to germination, it's a lot about trying out and gaining a lot of experience. At GrowCamp.dk, we are now trying to gather the experiences that both others and myself have had, so we can pass them on. That way you can get started with having worked faster and maybe also avoid some of the annoyances we others have had when we have experimented, Dorthe Rasmussen concludes.

3 good tips for you who want to try to germinate:

  1. Use a cool room and make sure that the plants get as much light as possible - e.g. from LED lights, which have a very low electricity consumption. Until the seeds have germinated, extra heat can be an advantage. A heating mat can be used here. As soon as the plants have peeked out, the temperature should drop to 18 degrees. At more heat - e.g. from a radiator under a window sill, the plants become rickety and weak.
  2. Find some old flower pots, trays or anything else you have standing and then for example lettuce, spinach or peas. It germinates relatively easily, and can be planted out already at the end of March / beginning of April. March is also a good time to start sprouting tomato plants, which you can later plant out in a covered raised bed or greenhouse.
  3. So always in seed / prickle soil. There can be weeds, fungi and disease in ordinary garden soil, and it can be difficult for the small plants to resist.