5 things you can still manage to sow in August

5 things you can still manage to sow in August

We are gradually well into late summer and the garden should have already given you a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables.


As you harvest, new space arises in the beds and that space is a really good idea to utilize: Partly because a bare piece of soil acts as a magnet on weeds - and partly to get as much out of your garden as possible.

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If you stand with bare spots in your garden, then here are 5 suggestions for things you can sow in August



Baby salad, fries salad, field salad and pickled salad… You can easily reach one more salad; especially if you have a covered GrowCamp, which helps to extend the season. You can possibly have the main salad. germinate inside before planting it out so you can kickstart the growth a bit.


Both the annual and the perennial arugula salad can also easily be planted now. It gives you fresh arugula for food all fall.



Spinach can not be sown in the summer heat, but from August 1 it goes well again. Spinach grows fast, so it should also have time to get up again before winter. The same goes for dill and cilantro, by the way, although it's a bit more of a rate to sow them at this time of year. But it can be done.



You are always told that bulbs should be planted in the spring - and so should they if you want to store them for the winter. But you can also easily put onions now. In a GrowCamp, if the weather is good, they may be able to develop actual onions (depending on the weather), but in any case, they can get the crispy, green onion tops, which taste good in both food and salads.



Radishes grow quickly and are, on the whole, very grateful little plants. Then finally put a strip of them too. Again, it may depend a bit on how the weather is, but they should be able to get up if you put them on now.

Really good fun in the late summer garden!