GrowCamp bed No. 50,000

GrowCamp bed No. 50,000

50,000 places where the vegetables look better than usual!

A GrowCamp is with insect net and window foil. Each 120 cm section can be opened separately.

50,000 is a big number and we've just rounded it off!

We have just sold GrowCamp bed number 50,000.

This means that if you already have a GrowCamp yourself, then you are about to become a member of a fairly large club.

It is also a club that is spreading all over the world.

When we once made the very first prototype of a GrowCamp, we developed it with our own garden in mind. We were tired of seeing how the Danish climate year after year made it difficult to get enough out of the garden. And what the weather did not destroy - the pests took care of it. Therefore, a GrowCamp can protect against wind, weather, dehydration and pests.

The first prototype was tested 60 meters from the Kattegat - two years later a first "real" GrowCamp stood in the same place.

GrowCamp prototype 2007 GrowCamp 0-serie 2009


It is not only in Denmark that there is a need for a little help against the whims of the elements.

In some parts of the world, the sun burns for a long time, which can both dry out a bed and burn the plants. It remedies a GrowCamp because the dark net shadows the sun and holds in moisture.

Elsewhere, it's very windy, and it remedies a GrowCamp as well, either via the net or via the plastic cover; depending on how strong the wind is.

Some places suffer with many pests, others with cold and others with too much rain. A GrowCamp can help with it all.

It can, because you can largely decide for yourself how you want to cover it. You can customize it to exactly your garden and your area. This is what gives a GrowCamp so many added benefits.

That is also why we have now sold so many beds despite fierce competition from pallet frames and mini greenhouses. A GrowCamp can simply do something more, and there are now 50,000 spots on earth that benefit from it!

En GrowCamp gør det nemt at dyrke grøntsager.

GrowCamp raised bed - good working height.