GrowTunnel for PALLET FRAMES

GrowTunnel for PALLET FRAMES

Now you can get GrowCamp's popular TUNNEL superstructure for PALLET FRAMES.

Pallet frames have proven to be suitable for raised beds. They are pre-assembled and inexpensive, so it does not take much consideration to get started. That is why they have gained a foothold in many gardens.

However, many have major problems because killer snails and other pests ruin the harvest. Therefore, GrowCamp now offers the same TUNNEL superstructure for pallet frames as for GrowCamp's own raised beds. The net cover closes completely close to the raised bed frame with velcro closure. The velcro is strong and withstands soil, water and the Danish weather.

With GrowCamp's tunnel cover, you avoid:

Killer snails, insects and other pests
Deer, chickens, birds, cats, dogs
Footballs or other toys
that destroys your plants.

You get:

Shelter from hail, heavy rain and wind
Easy opening when you need to plant, sow and harvest
Strong net - long durability
Discreet appearance due to the color and transparency of the net
Good ventilation unlike when using fibertex
The superstructure fits 3 standard pallet frames of 80 x 120 cm, which are put together so that the dimension is 120 x 240 cm. The superstructure is mounted with 6 brackets, which are screwed to the frames. Where the pallet frames are assembled in the middle, stop brackets are fitted so that killer snails cannot penetrate into the bed.

CLICK HERE and see how to mount the tunnel on pallet frames

The tunnel is in strong construction, which withstands storms and storms - all year round.

Plastic cover and bird net

In addition to the inner net, you can get plastic foil cover, which makes the bed function as a greenhouse.

In addition, we offer large-mesh bird nets, which can be used for e.g. strawberries to be pollinated. The net of course keeps birds out, you can also keep deer and chickens at a distance.

Thus, there are many options for covering the tunnel bed. In addition, the tunnel itself can be moved from one bed to another if, for example. practicing crop rotation, or when the need for cover changes from bed to bed.