TUNNEL for covering raised beds

TUNNEL for covering raised beds

GrowCamp offers a new form of effective protection for your vegetables: namely an easily removable tunnel superstructure.

Here at GrowCamp, we ourselves are enthusiastic gardeners, so we know how much it means for the harvest that one's plants and vegetables are allowed to grow up under the best possible conditions. That is why our raised beds have always been able to be ordered with a cover, which is an exclusive and delicious way to protect your vegetables.

But now we have launched something completely new: GrowTunnel.

It is a simple, easily removable tunnel solution that you can move from bed to bed depending on where extra protection is needed.

GrowTunnel comes with three different types of cover:

Insect net - protects against carrot flies, cabbage butterflies, pea wrappers, pigeons and other birds, strong winds or hail, cats, balls and other unwanted.
Plastic cover - provides a greenhouse environment. Easy to open when it gets too hot
Bird nets - keep pigeons, sunbirds, cats and other things away from vegetables. Gives bees free access.
The advantage of choosing a GrowTunnel is first and foremost that it is easily removable, and it has a somewhat lower price than the classic GrowCamp superstructure. Especially for you with a large garden it can be an advantage.

The fact that a GrowTunnel is easily removable also means that it is an optimal solution for you who want to extend the gardening season or maybe even want to be self-sufficient. The tunnel can be moved right to where it is needed and can either be used to protect the very small plants from wind and cold or the large ripe fruits from the ravages of the birds.