All year round in a GrowCamp

All year round in a GrowCamp


Germination is traditionally used in the spring for plants with a long development time. When growing in raised beds, it pays to germinate in spring, summer and autumn. This also applies to fast-growing crops such as salad and peas. Shorter throughput time in the bed is achieved and thus greater yield.

GrowCamp's plant trays are particularly suitable for pre-cultivation. The irrigation cloth ensures a continuous supply of water, and the plants thrive in GrowCampen's protected environment. In the off-season, the plant trays can be placed bright and warm indoors.


In a raised bed, the plants can be planted significantly closer than in the open air, and many crops can be sown broadly. You can sow along or across the bed - or why not in zig-zag!

In the protected environment provided by the raised bed, the seeds germinate better than in the open air. When, for example. sore peas and beans you experience that the ENTIRE row comes up! It is not necessary to put the seeds in water first and there is no need to sow after

Division into the bed

When growing so intensively on a small area, it is important to screen and prune so that individual plants do not take up too much space and shade for others. Make boundaries with nets or cords and cut off vigorous leaf growth.

All year round in a GrowCamp

Below is an example of what and when you can sow, plant and harvest throughout the year in a GrowCamp of 120 x 120 cm.

The example is divided into three times of the year: Click on the pictures below and see explanation: