85 kg of tomatoes

85 kg of tomatoes
85 kg of tomatoes

Lovely homemade tomatoes grown on 120 x 120 cm!

With GrowCamp's tomato bed, it is possible to harvest 85 kg of tomatoes in just 120 x 120 cm. The height of the bed is 180 cm incl. the container for soil and water, which is 30 cm. The bed can be placed anywhere: directly on the ground, on tiles or terraces.

GrowWater self-watering is a big part of the solution if you want to harvest lots of tomatoes. In high season, tomato plants consume oceans of water. For many, this means that it is not possible to BOTH grow tomatoes AND go on holiday. GrowWater irrigation insert contains 15 cm of water in the entire size of the bed. This means that you should only water at most once a week when it is very hot. The neighbor is usually happy to do this if the reward is access to delicious home-grown tomatoes.

»» See more about GrowWater self-irrigation here!

Here's how to harvest kilos of tomatoes in a bed that is only 120 x 120 cm:

With GrowCamp's tomato bed, it is possible to harvest as much as 85 kilos of tomatoes, even if the bed is no larger than 120 cm. x 120 cm. We know this because we have tried it ourselves in our own GrowCamps at home in the garden.

How to grow tomatoes

Tomatoes actually do best in warmer climates than ours and therefore the key to a successful tomato harvest is to extend the season as much as possible.
All good tomato harvest therefore starts in March - or in case of emergency in April / May - where you can start sowing seeds inside. The advantage of sowing the tomatoes yourself is that you get far more varieties to choose from, which can be the pure slaraffenland to go on adventures in: There are varieties in almost all sizes, colors, shapes and flavor shades, so it's just about to experiment loose.

Germination of tomatoes

The seeds were sown in a plant tray or a mini greenhouse and placed in the dark, preferably at around 20 degrees. Once the small, green sprouts have come up, move the hills to a bright place where there is something cooler (otherwise you risk the plants rattling).

Here the tomato plants should be allowed to grow until they reach about 4-5 cm. in height. Then they are planted in each of their pots - possibly. with a small support stick - but still inside.

When you really go into tomato growing, you have most likely either found or arranged some places in houses where the tomatoes can get the ideal growth conditions, but less can do so. If you just have a single window sill to do well with, then see if it does not work anyway. We have had great success with tomato plants that, against all odds, have stood in a bright and warm window sill from the start.

Planting tomatoes

In the month of May, when the worst risk of night frost is over, you can start planting the tomatoes out in your GrowCamp. The GrowCamp must have a cover so that it acts as a greenhouse and helps to keep warm, because the tomatoes cannot withstand frost. Once the tomatoes have arrived in the GrowCamp, it is a good idea to tie them up immediately. They are going to grow very fast and need something to support themselves so that the stem does not break.

When the tomatoes are growing well, it is important not to water too much. Then the tomatoes also become watery and dull in taste. Conversely, of course, do not water too little, so it requires that you keep an eye on the plants and make sure that they regularly have the water they need. It is difficult to give precise instructions, because it depends entirely on the other growth conditions, but try it out. You can also choose to invest in a GrowWater - then the watering happens by itself.

Then the tomatoes do not require much more than a little fertilizer along the way and so of course that you remember to sip them regularly. See evt. the video here on how to sip your tomatoes.

Good luck with the fall!