Why grow Cabbage?

Why grow Cabbage?

Cabbage is relatively inexpensive - at least in season. But when you grow them yourself, you know that no poison has been used. And the pleasure of watching the plants grow - the lushness is invaluable.

Unfortunately, many who have been accustomed to growing cabbage have given up. Kaleworms and killer snails have won the battle. It is not easy to keep the cabbage butterflies out - even if you cover with bionet or fibertex. It can be difficult to construct something that keeps the net in place in windy weather, and it is difficult to get to when it comes to care and harvesting. The killer snails have free access and are almost impossible to eradicate.

That's exactly why GrowCamp was created 8 years ago. To keep the beasts out and to make it easier. It has then been shown that there are other benefits. The plants thrive better when they are protected from wind and rain. And when you use plastic cover, you can start early and harvest the first cabbages already in June.

A few years after the first GrowCamp won first prize at the Glee exhibition in Birmingham for best innovation, GrowTunnel was developed. It is a variety that is especially suitable for cabbage, but it can also be used for all other vegetables. The superstructure can be purchased separately and placed on pallet frames or existing raised beds. Click here for more information.

A GrowTunnel is a raised bed with a superstructure. Insect nets, plastic foil or bird nets can be mounted on the superstructure. The cover is fitted with velcro all around. That is: It is easy to open and close. There is also velcro closure at the bottom. That way, the killer snails are kept out.

GrowTunnel on raised bed of pallet frames.

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