GrowCamp raised beds are also available in wood!

GrowCamp raised beds are also available in wood!

Raised beds from GrowCamp - with or without superstructure - are also available in Siberian larch.

The planks, which are 22 mm thick, are from trees that grow in Siberia, where there is a mainland climate and permafrost. Therefore, they grow slowly and get a strong core with dense structure and high density. Large amounts of natural resin and tannic acid mean that the wood has great resistance to fungal attack and therefore long shelf life. Simple and exclusive The raised beds come with matt black lacquered aluminum posts, which give a simple and exclusive look. The posts have an edge that hides the ends of the wooden planks and counteracts the internal pressure from the ground. The beds, which are 120 cm in width, are delivered in sections of 120 cm in length. Each section is connected transversely by a pipe, which prevents the center posts from deflecting due to the earth pressure from inside. Above, the design of the corner post is shown in section. Note the edges, which hide and protect the ends of the planks.

The sections consist of basic module and extension module:

The sections measure 120 x 120 cm, so that the beds can be 240 - 360 - 480 cm, etc. in length. The height of the planks is 15 cm. They come with pre-drilled holes that fit the posts, and 4 stainless steel board bolts are included with a nut for each plank. The posts - and thus the raised beds - can be delivered in the following heights: 15 - 30 - 45 and 60 cm. »» GrowCamp's 120 cm wide bed can be fitted with a GrowCamp superstructure or TUNNEL superstructure. Read more here!

GrowCamp's wooden beds are also available in balcony and terrace models:

Above are shown beds with 1-2-3 and 4 planks. They are available in the dimensions 120x62 - 90x44 - 44x44 cm. Superstructure can be supplied in wall model for beds of 62 cm in width.