So lettuce for the winter in your GrowCamp now

So lettuce for the winter in your GrowCamp now

The great advantage of a GrowCamp is that the cover protects the plants and thus extends the gardening season significantly.

If you have a GrowCamp, you are therefore far from finished with the garden fun, even though we are writing September. This is when you can start sowing lettuce for the winter.

In your GrowCamp, in the period from August to November, you can easily see green supplies for winter salad bowls: Arugula, spinach, feldspar and baby salad can handle both autumn and the previous winter, when sown in the sheltered atmosphere.

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Most often, the salad will go to when the first frost comes, but due to the plastic cover on a GrowCamp, you can keep the frost out for a much longer time than when sowing in the open. If it's a mild winter, it's not even impossible for you to go out and fetch fresh salad for the Christmas table yourself on Christmas Eve.

Then when the frost comes, there are a few tricks that you can use to help your plants keep warm. The tips can also easily be used in an ordinary greenhouse:

- Place a few large, dark stones in the bed or greenhouse. These will attract the sun's heat during the day, and slowly give it off overnight, thus keeping the temperature up.
- Put a candle in the bed / greenhouse. You must of course keep in mind that it must stand so that it does not set fire to anything - use, for example, a tealight in a jam jar or similar. It should just preferably have a long burning time so you do not have to constantly go out and change it. The heat from the light cannot come out of the GrowCamp or the greenhouse and will therefore be able to help most plants through the first nights with frost.
Good luck with the late cultivation!