Grow lots of wonderful chilies

Grow lots of wonderful chilies

Now it's time to sprout chili and pepper! GrowCamp's germination program includes LED luminaires, heating mats and much more.


Below you can see what a GrowCamp with lots of chili looked like in the autumn, just before the frost came to visit.

A GrowCamp is absolutely perfect for growing chili, peppers and aubergines. And last year we tried to put potatoes in one of our beds first. They were laid in late March - and were ready for harvest at the end of May.

It just so happened that we could then plant a lot of chili, peppers and aubergines in the bed instead.

These were large plants we put in, so already in late July and early August, we picked peppers and chilies. Otherwise, the plants have just stood and enjoyed themselves in the warm and sheltered bed until harvest, when the frost came. And what an autumn! We have had insanely many chilies in particular - which is probably also evident from the pictures - but also see the fine aubergines!

Along with the plants, we also put sweet potatoes in the bottom, which we harvested at the same time as chili, eggplant and pepper.

Everything has gone so well, and we just managed to harvest the last ones before the frost took over. We also took some of the plants in so they can overwinter inside, which means they get going much faster in the spring when we put them out again!


At Havenyt you can find a really good article about growing chili and pepper.