Do you need a better harvest next year?

Do you need a better harvest next year?

It's a great time of year right now where the garden abounds in giant squash, crispy beans, potatoes, peas, herbs, wonderful fruits and berries. On Facebook, it floods in with the pictures of everything that people get out of their garden and it all just looks so beautiful!

It's just not so great to look at if one's own harvest has failed. - And unfortunately this often happens, especially if you are relatively new to the garden.

In the Danish climate, it can be difficult to succeed with the garden harvest. In any case, there are many conditions that should preferably play together for the harvest to be magnificent: the garden must not be too exposed to the wind, there must be enough sun, the young plants must not be hit by heavy rain or sudden frost in April, they should not be eaten by boars, snails or insects and finally there should be enough nutrition and water - but of course not too much.

In other words, having a garden is a bit of a feat.

Many of the problems that arise in the garden, we know ourselves. That is why in its time we developed the GrowCamp. - Out of sheer frustration at seeing all our efforts in the garden turn into nothingness due to a sudden downpour or an invasion of snails.

A GrowCamp is therefore made in such a way that it completely purposefully protects against the worst dangers in the Danish gardens:

The plastic foil provides good heat and prolongs the season
The net keeps insects out and breaks the rain so that it always falls gently over the plants
Both plastic and nets give the plants shelter from the wind
The soil is easy to replace and fertilize, so it is always optimal for cultivation
Self-watering systems can be purchased for your GrowCamp, so you do not have to constantly keep an eye on whether the plants are drying out.

Although of course it still takes a little green fingers to get a giant harvest in from the garden, a GrowCamp will help you along the way. Order your model here: