Beans that go on and on

Beans that go on and on

I am just sitting and writing on a status of my first summer with GrowCamps in the garden. As will be seen from it, I have had a mixed success, which is not least due to the weather and a minor snail migration to a couple of the beds. But more on that in a later post.

This is about one of the positive surprises: My prayers!

I love growing beans for many reasons. Partly because the plants usually turn into something, and it's so nice to feel that just a little bit of success comes out of all one's gardening efforts. Partly because I love to sit and bellows them last of the year. And finally because most of them taste super good!

When I was a kid, I always ate the green beans raw. Nothing has ever really happened about that, and we did not know better. Now it has apparently become toxic. Unfortunately. For what I like best about the beans is actually the fresh taste they have when raw. But with children in the house, you do not take the chance. What we were able to survive in the 70s seems to be able to eradicate most of a small provincial town today, and of course it does not work. So now it stands on boiled beans, which now also tastes quite nice.

Well, but back to the beds. I have sown 4 different varieties in my GrowCamps: Borlotti, Blauhilde, Firestorm and some common green ones from Netto. Everyone has come up incredibly well in the GrowCamp. - And what's better: Even here in mid-October, they keep shooting.

Most of the beans that come now, however, I leave to dry on the plants, but if I really wanted to, I could easily still harvest new, small beans. I am really impressed with this, not least because I can compare both growth and yield with the Borlotti beans that I sowed in one of my regular raised beds, and they have long since passed away.

We had a single night with frost a few weeks ago and I think that's the night that got rid of the outdoor Borlotti. It would make good sense, as those who are protected behind nets and gables of plastic in the tunnel beds have not been exposed to cold to the same degree, and therefore happily continue to grow - although of course also a little on retreat.

This year was most of all meant as an attempt to see how it went with prayers under nets. Whether it was just as much or not. But the experiment has clearly shown that GrowCamps and beans are a super match, so it will definitely be tried next year!

Green beans and kale in wonderful combination

There is a lot of snail damage on the leaves, but beans have it brilliant in my GrowCamp tunnel beds

The A-team has been sent in to fight snails

Meanwhile in the open air: The beans have almost gone to this year