Should you sip your chili?

Should you sip your chili?

When I sit and look around in various garden forums and garden groups on Facebook, I relatively often come across discussions about whether to sip the first flowers of your chili or not.


I have never sipped anything, and it has gone quite well with the chili harvest anyway, but I started to get a little curious anyway.

So this year I tried to make a small attempt. I took 2 identical plants, both sown at the same time, from the same seed bags and under the same circumstances (see possibly more about cultivation methods here). When the first flowers came, I sipped one and left the other alone.


Then it was just a matter of waiting and seeing.

The picture here was taken 5-6 weeks ago. At this point, it was actually a clear difference. The plant that I had sipped had already started in 2-3 chilies with a nice size, time taken into account.


The other plant had still only reached the flowers, but in return had as many flowers as the other had chilies.


In my little experiment, there was no doubt that if you want early chili, then it is a good idea to sip. It probably also makes good sense, because when you sip, the plant will probably automatically hurry to set new flowers and maybe even develop them a little faster so that they have a better chance of coping with the cuttings this time.


Now, as I said, it was a little over two months ago, and there the difference was clear. Today there is no difference. Both chilies grow side by side out in my terrace GrowCamp and there is as far as I can see no difference in either number of flowers or chili.

But on speed, the sipped chili wins big.