Pallet frame vs. GrowCamp

Pallet frame vs. GrowCamp

As you may have noticed, if you have read my previous posts, then my garden - in addition to continuously giving me infinite joy - has also contributed significantly to the amount of gray hair. First of all because I have such a hard time getting anything to really grow out here.

I have now got my fingers in a couple of huge tunnel beds that I need to get up as soon as my dear husband has a free moment to help me, but the status right now is: 8 large raised beds that we have built ourselves, 2 GrowCamp terrace beds on the terrace and 3 pallet frames, one with greenhouse superstructure, in the garden.

Today it has to be about the last two.

It should be no secret that a GrowCamp costs a lot more than a pallet frame with a superstructure. Therefore, I was also a little curious to try the pallet frame phenomenon, because if things were as good in it as in a GrowCamp, then you could save some money.

But there are some big differences. At least according to my experience with the two types of prayers:

First and foremost, there is the quality. The superstructure for the pallet frame was somewhat thin-legged shabby and already when I collected it and pulled the plastic down over the fragile rods, a 10 cm long tear appeared in the plastic. This is of course partly due to the fact that I am a clown, but I have never had those problems with my GrowCamps, where the quality is simply completely different - and made to last for many years.

Secondly, there are the plants. Now this is not a scientific experiment, so there are many things that come into play, but still there is a massive difference in whether the plants become something.

In the GrowCamp on the terrace, spinach, peas, lettuce and much more spill out in rich quantities. Some are sown directly, but most are germinated indoors and subsequently put out.

Out in the pallet frame with cover, I have also partly sown and partly planted sprouted things - pretty much the same as in the GrowCamp, but minus peas.

Here, it just hasn’t really turned into anything.

It came into the ground approx. 3 weeks after the things that are in the GrowCamp, but still the difference is striking. Personally, I think it's about not being able to roll the plastic off, as you can at the GrowCamp. So on the (very few, unfortunately) days we have had with sunshine, it seems as if the plants have simply been burned off down in the pallet frame. Several of them also seem all brown and withered.- despite the fact that of course I have watered according to all the rules of art.

Does that mean I'm completely done with the pallet frames? No not at all. I still think they are really good for many things, and the plastic cover can probably also be used in a narrow turn. But if you need something durable and something that gives the plants a slightly better chance of survival, then you should go the GrowCamp route.

At least that's my experience, but judge for yourself in the pictures here:

The pallet frame with canopy, which stands in my garden


The poor little plants are fighting for their lives


There's something more going on in it in my GrowCamp on the terrace


Lettuce, spinach and parsley grow cheerfully in the GrowCamp