Eat your enemies: Pesto with scallions and spring onions

Eat your enemies: Pesto with scallions and spring onions

Well, this weekend we've been away, so there have not been the big gains on the garden front. But on Sunday afternoon, when we got home, I decided to do something that gives me a disproportionate amount of joy every spring: I eat some of the weeds that will drive me crazy over the garden season.

It may sound a little strange, but it has almost become a tradition. - and even an incredibly tasty one of a kind.

This time they were the squatter cabbage it went over - and the gods must know that we have plenty of it! In fact, much of what we call weeds is only annoying because it grows in places where we do not bother to have them. Chives are, in a way, also a weed for many, even though there has been a bit of fashion in it right now. But many of the weeds are actually the pure vitamin bombs.

This also applies to the squatter cabbage, and today it was smoked in a pesto together with spring onions. It's one of the very first things from the garden we've put to life this year - besides a bit of parsley - so it's a little cozy. Then it feels a bit like summer, even though they promise rain all Easter :-)

Recipe for pesto with scallions and spring onions:

2-3 handfuls of squatter cabbage. Preferably new shots and preferably from a place where the dog has not urinated.
3-4 leaves ramsons
Juice from 1 lemon
1/2 dl slipped almonds
Approx. 1 dl olive oil
A good hump of parmesan, corresponding to about 1 dl.

It all blends together into a pesto with the consistency you want. It is absolutely perfect for pasta, chicken, pork chops - and everything else.
Served best cold - like revenge :-)

A few handfuls of scallions and a few leaves of spring onions, and you have 2 wonderful ingredients for a quick pesto.

Voila! Finished pesto of scallions and spring onions in no time!