Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

During a delicious Christmas lunch with a table lady, unknown at the time, the conversation turned to interests.

I myself had lived in London for a number of years (from 1990-2000), where my fascination with garden culture was aroused. I discovered tranquility, wonder, anticipation, fascination and much more on walks in the English (London) parks and gardens.

So I told my table lady about this interest. We also talked about what else I was going and doing.

I usually vary / camouflage ‘homemaker’ with super busy, home career woman with a massively meaningful and on all levels stimulating everyday life.

I have been able to say this with great calm and conviction for many years. For as a rule, I have felt that way. But now the little kids are 18 and 20 years old - and the bonus kids: 29 and 30 years old! So there is room for other impulses in everyday life.

It has been - and is - somewhat anxiety-provoking after 25 years outside the labor market to make a decision to go to war with new challenges in the 'real' labor market. It involves both 'deprivation of liberty' and qualification expectations from others.

We fantasized a bit about this until my table lady came up with a cheerful thought that some of her acquaintances, GrowCamp, might be interested in a ‘dedicated amateur’ who would try to describe a season of GrowCamp raised beds of various kinds.

… As you know, it was a Christmas lunch and I hit it off a bit.

I then had some meetings with Dorthe and Henrik, who got the idea for and developed GrowCamp. They are some competent and thoroughbred kitchen garden enthusiasts with great knowledge in their field.

So the result of the festive Christmas lunch has become a new feature on GrowCamp's website in the form of a blog about a season of GrowCamp.

… And what will my blog be about?


Despite the somewhat extensive prehistory, this blog is going to be a readable, not too time consuming and easily accessible description of a season with GrowCamp.

It will be an honest description of time spent, effort, joys and disappointments, benefits (and lack thereof), experiences and conclusions - and not least of the ‘keep it simple’ principle.

The choice of ‘products’ is varied; some more simple and straightforward to cultivate than others. I recently read a list of 28 different vegetables and their care that required 11 variations of soil and 5 different light conditions - not to mention fertilizer!


Not here, at least. For sure I am a dedicated amateur, but it should also be fun, easy and cozy to cultivate my garden.

My new bed will be located to the south, but there is both a house and a half-wall, which reduces the sun. Then we have to see how it goes.

The soil comes from plant bags (what is on offer) from a nursery (In my case from GardenShop in Høsterkøb - where you can also get help with advice and guidance, should you need it). It means one kind of soil, and not 11 different :-)

Fertilizer will also be limited in selection and given a little bit by bit, as I simply do not contain all the number combinations that are for different soil types, seasons and crops etc.

1-2 kinds - bum.

Of course, I will write about that along the way. But I can then unveil that in raised beds with self-irrigation, there can be talk of a "liquid" one of a kind.

In other words, it will be a blog for amateur enthusiasts from a dedicated garden and kitchen garden amateur, who has a great go-ahead, is a bit impulse-driven and probably in reality only has a little patience with geekiness. Here it is more after the device "if it goes, then it goes".

- Not least because there will of course be some "oops - I should not have done that" or "Oh, I probably should have done that", but there we have to go along the way.

Hope you like to follow!