The large garden

The large garden

My name is Malene Fich Weischer, I am 44 years old and I live on a disused farm outside Mørkøv near Holbæk.

I have a huge garden, but the number of square meters is unfortunately far too rare in line with the yield. For it is frankly just legally limited.


The really big problem with a garden like mine is that the soil is completely and utterly miserable. When we moved in about 10 years ago, I started planting gardens directly on the ground, but I had to give up because we could hardly dig into it. It was simply too hard and broken. Therefore, we built 8 large raised beds of wood, where I have worked intensively with soil improvement for the last 5-6 years.


But unfortunately that is not the only challenge. It also often blows half a war out here and then we are in perpetual battle with a horde of boars who mistakenly think that all my gardening efforts have been to give them something extra good to eat. Dung cattle.


So I'm looking for something where it's easy to improve soil, easy to shield from the wind - and where the little boars do not have a chance to eat as much as the stump of a carrot. In my hunt I have fallen over GrowCamp, which I am now allowed to try my hand at. So far, there are two on my patio, but more are on the way.


Here in the blog you can follow the work with the oceans and the new GrowCamps, as well as in who wins the battle for the garden: The breed of the elements, the boars - or me!



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