The first steps on the road!

The first steps on the road!

Then I'm up and running - I have set up GrowCamp where possible!

In the bed where there used to be strawberries, on our stone paving and in the greenhouse.

The area, which has been used primarily by our well-stocked day-trippers as it houses our garbage racks, has now been upgraded to be the catalyst for great homemade vegetable smoothies, new salads, fresh-shelled peas, sweet strawberries and crops I have only heard of, but never seen or tasted. I hope.

The beds have arrived - that is - cardboard boxes have come in droves, and the excitement is great. The kind of tension you know that has a waiting period before it is triggered. The boxes indicate that it needs to be a little dirty before it gets really good. Because it has to be assembled….

There I may well be the type who takes the sorrows in advance; not because I do not like the idea of ​​collecting things (even though it involves countless readings of the instructions for use), but because I know myself in these situations for better or worse: A little too eager, a little too self-overestimating.

And rightly so - I'm stupid. So let me start with a good piece of advice: read the whole ‘recipe’ first. At least in stages - until there is a natural stop / coffee break.

I'm a know too eager, I think I have seen through steps one, two and three - and vupti, then there is liiiiige overlooked that there is a difference between top and bottom, so now half turn upside down… .and the raised bed looks like something that has fallen over with four legs straight up. And no - it can not just be reversed.

Be careful with that! Haste is….


The first GrowCamp is being assembled and ready.

That being said, it was a pleasure. In part, I had qualified help. It is always cozy and gives more moderate outbursts when you realize you have to move two fields back.

The pleasure was also that I have rarely stood with so many parts that need to be assembled and all parts were there AND all parts fit together. At the same time, there were no more sizes of similar-like gadgets. Already here I avoid many self-blame - so it is well thought out. No IKEA test for the relationship this time!

Then also do not first sort in small piles, and there is no missing a screw at the end, which should be 2 mm longer than the one you are left with in your hand; for I get an acute stomach ache at the thought of having to locate the crime scene and do the work over - and I have tried.

So thanks for making it work.

However, it takes time to assemble, but one can quickly sense the result as it is large parts. Although I dribbled directly into most types of mistakes, there was no irreparable damage and I was acceptably fast with the snout in the track again. In addition, it went, not surprisingly, faster and faster the more that were gathered.

I have discarded my old flamingo capillary boxes with a thin plastic bag inside and a deformed red plastic ball as the water level indicator. Visually, the crown of the work, the annual newly purchased soil-plant bags in completely fashion-wrong green and equally misunderstood orange are placed securely in the center at the very top.

My joy was great when I assembled GrowCamp's bed with GrowWater. It is without comparison.

Where do I start - there are wheels on so I can move them around effortlessly despite the cobblestone pavement (however, do not have water in yet - ‘only’ soil). Great both in terms of light, but also cleaning and decor.

There is a strong foil tablecloth instead of thin plastic. There is a flamingo stick that clearly shows the water level, you do not have to go and remove leaves and growths to check the water level, and the water can be easily drained if it becomes relevant.

Water draws up to the ground in several places, allowing planting in the entire box and not just in the two or three holes that are in my discarded capillary boxes.

I have better soil depth and do not waste soil all over it when I plant, as was otherwise the case previously with the plant bags. And I plan on reusing the land.

The beds / boxes look much nicer, and I do not have to look at the sacks of soil.

Finally, they are available in several sizes.

Look, that was a lot of praise men .but deserved. Do not think anyone will disagree.

Advantages of the old boxes - hmmmmm, they should not be collected and do not weigh much on the way to the landfill.

The decor with the GrowCamp raised bed with wheels and self-watering is starting to take shape.

Now I am waiting for the frost to disappear, so there can be something in the beds other than strawberries.

The slogan must be - first collected, then sown - then serviced and sanitized, then ‘slaughtered’ and then eaten.

Am actually looking forward to it all (and not just the latter). Now I have also collected….

In the pictures below you can see the different prayers that have been collected. Two identical GrowCamp beds located on the ground where strawberries used to stand, a double bed on wheels, a double bed on legs; they all have self-watering.

Finally, there are three raised beds in the greenhouse. All on wheels and with self-watering.

This was a longer write than expected. So now I do not want to take more time - so there is an opportunity to get out in the garden and think about and options for kitchen garden and raised beds.


The two identical GrowCamp beds, which stand in the old strawberry bed

In the foreground a raised bed with wheels and self-watering, behind our GrowCamp at Christmas and out to the right you can just make out our GrowCamp on legs.